T-Shirt Quilt Options, Pricing, and FAQs

Wrap yourself or someone you love in memories with a custom made t-shirt quilt! Hopefully this page will give you information that will instill confidence in our services. We also encourage you to check out our work in the T-Shirt Quilt Gallery. Happy info gathering!

Our quilts are great because... 
1. We do our best not to crowd graphics. Our square style accommodates graphics up to 15 inches square while most companies are cutting shirts 12 inches. The mixed style can accommodate even larger graphics.

2. All shirts are fully stabilized with interfacing and the finished quilts are fully quilted on a long arm quilting machine. These professional elements add stability and durability; these puppies are constructed to last. 

3. Do you have t-shirts that have already been cut? Maybe your favorite shirt has a hole in it? Or maybe you started the whole quilt before realizing what a crazy big task it actually is! Not a problem, We can take a shirt or quilt in any stage and work some magic. (Additional charges will apply.)

4. You can customize your quilt from the style, colors used, and backing options. See the 'Options' section below for details.  

 Base Pricing:

Pricing, Tshirt Quilt.jpg

1. Square Style or Mixed Style? Square Style is a nice clean look where everything lines up nice and tidy. Mixed Style is where shirts are pieced together like a puzzle in a more blended and artful manner. Mixed Style often requires many more shirts than the Square Style. The two photos above on the left are examples of the Square Style, and the two on the right are examples of Mixed Style.  Further examples can be found in the T-Shirt Quilt Gallery

2. With or without sashing? Sashing is the material sewn between the blocks to help set them apart from each other. (Only available in Square Style)

3.  Fleece or regular quilting cotton for the back of the quilt? We use Moda Bella quilting cottons in a wide variety of of solid colors and excellent quality Baum Winter Fleece.

4. Colors? What color would you prefer for your backing and sashing (if applicable)?

5. Name Banner? Adding an appliqued name to your quilt further personalizes it! This option is an additional $45, Examples are in the 'T-Shirt Gallery, Name Banners' gallery. 

Unsure of one element, or all of them? No worries! We can offer recommendations based on what you have and what you convey is important to you.



-How many t-shirts do I need?
This is the most obvious question, yet the hardest to answer. Do your shirts have two sides? Do you want smaller chest graphics combined into one square? What style do you prefer? What size would you like?.....   It is much easier to decide what style and size you prefer and then work backwards from there. We usually encourage folks to include everything they would like as a part of the quilt and we can work together to see how it shakes out to accommodate your preferences. 

-What types of shirts can I include?
Good ole' cotton tshirts, sweatshirts, dri-fit, athletic fabrics... we've even used a letterman jacket. We can also use sweaters, button ups, jeans and so on though that is getting more into the 'memory quilt' world and we might need to discuss pricing. The most important thing to remember is that the most delicate thing you add to your quilt makes the entire quilt that delicate. 

-How do I prep my shirts?
A) Wash and dry your shirts. Unfortunately I'm not a stain fighter so if you are unable to remove them they will just be a part of the charm of your quilt. :) B) Separate your shirts into two piles; a 'must be included' and a 'if we have room'. Within each of those two piles be familiar with which ones have fronts and backs and if you want all of those included or just one side or the other. If you are mailing your items to us you will need to label these; detailed instructions are on our mail-in order form

-How do I get my items to you?
We are located in South St. Louis County, near the intersection of Lindbergh and 55. If you are local I encourage you to schedule a time to come by the studio so we can discuss our game plan in person. I am typically available for drop off appointments 9-5 Monday through Friday. If you are not local or able to come during our open hours you are welcome to mail your items to us, we have an order form you can complete and send in with your collection. 

-What is your turnaround time?
We ask for 6-8 weeks on all projects. We can potentially work faster on a t-shirt quilt, be sure to contact us to discuss. Graduation and Christmas are extra busy seasons for us and we may need additional time to complete your project. If either of these occasions are deadlines for you we strongly encourage you to schedule your drop off appointment as early as possible.

-Can you complete a t-shirt quilt for Christmas?
The past couple of years we have guaranteed a Christmas finish for all projects dropped off by the end of October. We can often still take Christmas orders through early November but there are no guarantees and it is dependent on the size, style, and scope of your project within the context of all our other incoming projects.

-What is included in the pricing?
Our base pricing includes all the materials typically necessary to complete a great looking quilt. The fabric options are our basic solid quilting cottons and fleece. As with any project there are ways to upgrade and personalize your quilt; here are a few items you could choose that would increase your final total:
-Shirts that need repairs or alterations to be included. ($2/shirt)
-Combination blocks that accommodate multiple graphics in one square (square style only). ($2/square)
-Name Banners ($45)
-Additional borders (charge dependent on individual projects)
-Fabric upgrades. ($6/yard) 

-What materials do you use in your quilts?
The BEST! Interfacing: Pellon 906. Fabric: Moda Bella solid quilting cotton and/or Baum Winter Fleece. Batting: 50/50 Cotton and Bamboo blend. Thread: Coats and Coats and So Fine #50

-How can I pay?
Currently we are accepting cash, checks, and PayPal. 

Have questions or comments? Interested in our services? Please submit the following form and we will be in touch!

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