T-Shirt Quilt Gallery

Trace Creek Quilting's most popular request is t-shirt quilts, as well as completing t-shirt quilts that have already been started. You get to choose the style, colors, and backing. Solid quilting cotton and fleece options are included in the pricing. But most importantly every t-shirt quilt from TCQ is fully quilted; the quilt itself will outlive the graphics on you shirts. See "T-Shirt Pricing and Options" for the pricing chart as well as details on our options and how to best prepare your collection. . 

The original! Square style is defined by all the squares being the same size and separated by your choice of color sashing. Variations to this style include combining smaller chest logos into one square or row, eliminating the sashing, or cutting all the squares to a larger or smaller size. 

Mixed style is more improvisational, you never quite know how the shirts will pull together into the quilt. Graphics are cut to size and then put together like a puzzle. It is great for extra large collections as it utilizes quite a few more shirts than it's square counterpart. 

Want to further personalize your quilt? An appliqued name is a great way to do so! These appliques can stand alone on the quilt or they can be a part of the larger design.