Tshirt quilts are defined mainly as quilts made of tshirts or other common knit fabrics such as jerseys and sweatshirts. There are two main styles; square and mixed. These can be backed with regular quilting cotton or fleece, and all come fully quilted. We also commonly help customers finish in-progress tshirt quilts. 

Memory quilts are best defined as quilts made from items other than t-shirts, where displaying the graphic is not the main concern, and the construction method is pieced. The designs here are unlimited and we at TCQ love to play! We've used button downs, jackets, ties, jeans, pajamas, robes....  Pillows are also available!

This category mainly features quilts made from baby clothes but may also include other applique styles such as our popular 'Birds' quilt. These quilts are raw edge appliqued so we can acquire unlimited shapes and designs. Have something in mind? We take our design cues from you to create the quilt that best reflects your memories.