Memory Quilt Pricing and FAQs

When someone passes they leave behind loved ones, memories, and items that they touched every day. Custom quilts and pillows are a great way to remember those who are no longer with us. See samples of my previous work in the 'Memory Quilt Gallery' and my most current work on the Trace Creek Quilting Facebook and Instagram Feeds. Note: If the bulk of your items are tshirts I encourage you to visit the T-Shirt Quilt section to see if that style better fits your collection.  

(Memory Pillow details can be found further down the page!)

Base Pricing:

Pricing, Memory Quilts.jpg


  1. What does your base pricing in the chart include? Included in the base pricing represented in the chart above is both the labor and materials required to return a completed quilt to you. Materials include solid color backing and binding fabrics from Trace Creek Quilting’s studios, batting when appropriate, fabric stabilizers if appropriate, and thread. Labor includes piecing your top together in basic patterns with fabric cut no smaller than 6 inches, quilting with a basic edge to edge pattern on our longarm quilting machine, and binding the quilt. These inclusions cover the overwhelming majority of the requests we receive and allow us to keep our pricing as straightforward as possible.

    Additional charges may apply if adding/using: custom quilting, intricate piecing or complex patterns, or upgraded fabric selections (prints or specialty fabrics outside of TCQ’s typical offerings). Items that need editing, repair, or additional piecing to be included will incur an additional charge of $3/item. We encourage you to contact us for estimates, clarifications, and questions.

  2. How big will my quilt be? Our basic quilt sizes include a 12” drop on 3 sides of the matress. If you want your quilt to hang over a certain amount on your bed we encourage you to measure it and let us know the dimensions you prefer. Additionally, if you want a pillow tuck (extra length at the top of the quilt to go over your pillow) be sure to communicate that to us as well. Additional charges may apply as pricing is based on the actual measurements vs the size of bed it will lay on.

  3. What is the Applique Style? The applique style refers to any design that is appliqued down onto the top of the quilt, vs pieced in the traditional manner. Still confused? Any design that we have that incorporates cut out shapes beyond squares and rectangles: hearts, birds, hexagons, circles, pennants… Most quilts that we post use ties and baby clothes will fall into this category, though not all. Don’t hesitate to ask if you are unsure.

  4. How many shirts do you need to complete each size of quilt? The short answer is: it does not matter. I can make any size quilt out of any number of shirts. The long answer is: I find it is best to decide what is most important to you first. Pattern and design? Size? Items that HAVE to be include? Once we have established the priorities we can work together to find the sweet spot of pattern, size, and number of items to include. 

  5. What type of items can I include in my quilt? We do our best to work with everything you want included. If you include special care items (dry clean or hand wash for example) you will then need to care for the entire quilt in that manner. During your drop off appointment I may pull out items that concern me and we can discuss their limitations together.

  6. What is your typical turnaround time? We ask for 8-10 weeks on all memory projects. Orders for multiple quilts may require additional time. Please also be aware that Graduation/Mother’s Day and Christmas are super busy times for us. We encourage folks to give us as much time as possible should you need your item for one of these occasions.

  7. How/when can I get my items to TCQ? If you are local near STL we simply schedule a drop off appointment. I’m typically available 9-5 M-F and I’m located in South County right at Lindbergh and 55. I’m super available, I prefer appointments simply because I want to ensure we do not have multiple customers at the same time and to make sure I do not step out on a quick errand. If you are not local, or not able to make it during my open hours, we can work through the mail. We encourage you to contact us to get this process started; here is our Mail-In Form.

  8. How do I prepare my items for the drop off appointment?

    1. Gather everything you would like to include.

    2. Wash them.

    3. Prioritize them.

    4. Be sure you’ve looked through this webpage and my previous work (FB, Instagram, and our galleries) to familiarize yourself with the styles, sizes, and pricing. When you drop off we can look over your collection and make final decisions based on the size and style you prefer.

  9. I need my items for Christmas, when should I place my order? The past couple of years we have guaranteed Christmas orders that are placed by the middle of October. While we can often accommodate orders placed throughout early November, they are not guaranteed and are evaluated based on the timing and type of order.

  10. Can you embroider a name or message onto my quilt? Yes! We prefer to make embroidered labels that we attach to the quilts and pillows rather than embroider directly onto your project which risks damaging it. The typical label is basic and includes short phrases, names, and dates. We can do more elaborate phrases when requested. The starting price is $25/label.

  11. What type of backing fabric do you offer? TCQ offers Moda Bella solid quilting cottons and Baum Textile Winter Fleece as backing options that are already included in the base price. We have a wide variety of colors in each and samples in the studio you can touch as well as hold up next to your collection of items. We do have a few cotton prints in studio that are available as upgrades, and occasionally, should the conditions be right, we have worked with specialty fabrics such as minky and micro-fleece.

  12. Do you have different styles/patterns/designs from which to choose? Absolutely! The Trace Creek Quilting Facebook and Instagram feeds are the best places to see the work that has already come out of our studio. Our Memory Quilt Gallery has some of our early work as well. We are always excited to try new things; many of our customers find something they like on Instagram, Pinterest, or just basic Google searches. We encourage folks to share these inspirations with TCQ to ensure it is possible and what pricing would be.

  13. How do I care for my finished product? Quilts and pillow shams can washed and dried in your regular home machines, it’s tough to hurt them. However, we have a couple of tips we recommend just on a personal basis that could be helpful to increase longevity:

    1. TCQ strongly recommends color catchers or other color fast methods for the first couple of washings as we do not prewash our materials.

    2. We recommend going light on the detergent when washing, especially on larger quilts. It’s just tough for a machine to beat it back out of such large items.

    3. We air dry when possible rather than use the dryer regularly.

    4. If you have included delicate or special care items in your quilt (hand wash or dry clean only for example) your entire quilt will need to be cared for in that manner.

  14. How and when do I pay? We are currently accepting cash, check and PayPal once your project is complete. We consider the items you are leaving with us as your deposit. Note: PayPal totals include a 3% usage fee.

If you have additional questions or would like further clarifications as it applies to your particular vision reach out and we can discuss your project as a whole. 

Memory Pillow Options and Pricing


-Shirt Front Pillow: Pillows that look like the shirt front just as is without additional cutting and piecing: $25

-Quilt Block Shirt Pillow: Tops that have been pieced together like a quilt block: Varies depending on complexity of the block and how many shirts we are using. Estimated $30-65

-Applique style pillows: Pillows that have your clothing items appliqued onto the pillow sham or the family tree pillows. $75. 

-Embroidered label: Start at $25.

-You are welcome to provide your own pillow form, it will knock $5 off your total. Please bring it when you deliver your shirt(s). 

Pillow Construction:

I actually make a pillow sham into which you insert the pillow form. The front of the pillow is one piece and the back is two overlapping pieces with a split in the middle. This allows you to remove and wash your sham without worrying about the appearance or durability of the front. 

Pricing, Memory Pillow.jpg

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